The Liberal OC Acquires Sunny D Blogger Claudio Gallegos

Likening it to the right-leaning Red County blog picking up Matt "Jubal" Cunningham's years ago, the left-leaning The Liberal OC blog announced today the "media acquisition" of Claudio Gallegos' Sunny D blog. Adding Sunny D to the stable will "pump up" coverage of Santa Ana, Costa Mesa and Latino/a issues, according to blogger Dan Chmielewski.

Gallegos has not posted anything new on SunnyD since May as The Liberal OC awaited a "private investment" to fund the acquisition, Chmielewski said.

"We're making an effort here to shore up areas we need to shore up with resources," Chmielewski said. "Claudio is a respected voice. We've been criticized for not going after bad Democrats. Claudio goes after bad Democrats in Santa Ana, Anaheim or anywhere. He'll call them on the carpet."
Earlier this month, The Liberal OC welcomed new blogger Deborah White, the editor/writer of Liberal Politics for, which is part of the New York Times Co. White has already reported from her congressman's health-care town hall on Aug. 8, writing that Rep. Ed Royce and the Fullerton Republican's staff sat back and watched as 16-page magazines were distributed with a "ludicrous cover" depicting Adolf Hitler casting an admiring glance at President Barack Obama, who is surrounded by adoring throngs of Third Reich adherents.

Chmielewski said the goal is to make The Liberal OC "an advertising destination for Democrats" in a county where half a million registered voters cite that party as their own. "Gavin Newsom just talked about Orange County becoming a blue county. There are more Democrats here than in San Francisco. They're trending favorably while Republicans are stagnant or declining."


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