The Irvine Company LOVES its Cheap Santa Ana Mexicans!

Nothing made for funnier reading this holiday season than an article in CityLine, a newspaper put out by what was once known as the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce but now calls itself the Greater Santa Ana Business Alliance so they can justify holding mixers outside of their beloved city. Under the headline "HR Director Praises Santa Ana Workforce," it turns out the Irvine Co. has, as usual, swooped into SanTana and signed up a bunch of cheap, expendable, non-union immigrant Mexicans to work at their newly refurbished Resort at Pelican Hill in Newport Beach.

"We were focused on Santa Ana because in the service industry, you look for people who want to be in the service sector," said one Arte Nathan, whom CityLine identifies as vice-president of human resources for Irvine Company Resort Properties. "Santa Ana has a large segment of its population that's in the workforce, and a big percentage of them are in the service sector. So we thought it was an obvious focus for us."

"You look for people who want to be in the service sector"--in other words, you look for the cheapest labor, and what better place to strip mine than the most-Mexican city in America? Will Irvine Co. head Don Bren spring to subsidize transportation for his SanTana workers as they've requested, instead of making them take a maze of OCTA routes? Benefits? What happens when SEIU gets involved? More importantly: why give jobs to people in SanTana where you have a workforce of teens in Newport Beach and the surrounding wealthy cities needing some job experience? So many questions, too much hilarity...


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