The Incredible Shrinking Newspaper

PhotobucketLast Friday, on the slowest of news days, the OC Register announced that it would become the largest daily newspaper in the country without a business section.

The story came two days after the news that the Register's OC Post and Irvine World News would be merging into one thrice-weekly bundle. It was the first move in a proposed series of upcoming "initiatives" (read: more cuts? more mergers?) at the Register.

The elimination of the business section was the second big move. The avidly read Marketplace section will now be wedged in with all the other stories in the paper's main news section, the OCR reported Friday. The change comes amid the need to " more efficient in the type of news we publish in our newspaper versus online."

Longtime readers left huffy posts on the paper's blog, criticizing the decision to scrap business talk in one of the country's busiest entrepreneurial hubs.

Hat Tip: LA Observed


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