The Horns On the Bus Go On and On

You're the neighbor who unlawfully trespassed on my property and placed your letter of complaint in my mailbox—without the courage or fortitude to put your actual name on said letter. I am truly sorry my profoundly disabled son's bus disturbs your sleep at 7:15 a.m. Those damn horns that blast when the bus backs up to our curb are really a nuisance. Then, to top it off, the bus driver honks so we know the bus is waiting. It breaks my heart that the racket from the past 10 years the short bus has been picking up my son for school is now inconveniencing you to the point that you needed to put an angry letter in my mailbox. You should file a complaint with the government, which requires the safety horns. Those disabled people have gone too far, what with having safety horns on their buses so a blind person could avoid being run over. And door-to-door pickup for school? That's really pushing it. Perhaps you would like me to call the garbage trucks, street sweepers and gardeners to ask them all to come at a more convenient time for you. After all, they often beat my son's bus to the proverbial punch when it comes to morning noise. Maybe some ear plugs would satisfy you. Maybe it is time to consider a move to a retirement community. But, if you do move, make sure there are no disabled persons anywhere near you so you won't have this problem again.


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