The Ho-Hum Bandit Strikes Again! (Yawn)
Courtesy of Laguna Beach Police Department

The Ho-Hum Bandit Strikes Again! (Yawn)

The so-called "Ho-Hum Bandit" has had a busy weekend of ripping off Orange County banks. Friday, he robbed a CitiBank branch in Newport Beach after hitting up the same location less than a month earlier. On Saturday, he was right back to work revisiting another one of his previous exploits: a U.S. Bank in Laguna Beach.

He's called the Ho-Hum Bandit because the only description anyone can provide for the man makes him sound like your co-worker sitting in the next cubical: caucasian male, mid to late 20s, about 5' 7", average build, brown hair, wearing a light colored shirt and jeans.

Learn more about the Ho-Hum Bandit and the reward offered by the FBI after the jump.

The Ho-Hum Bandit Strikes Again! (Yawn)
Jay Brockman

The Ho-Hum Bandit's only distinguishing characteristic is his choice in accessories: sometimes he goes for the all-American look in a Dale Earnhardt, Jr. baseball cap. In his most recent heist on Saturday, the bank robber got stylish in a gray flat-cap.

His method of coercion is as unexceptional as his appearance. He slides a note across the teller's counter demanding cash while claiming to be carrying a concealed weapon that has never been revealed.

Reports vary as to the number of bank robberies that can be attributed to Mister Ho-Hum. Some say nine, others say 12, with the heists split between banks in Orange County and San Diego. That's right; the guy is so boring that no one can decide if he's robbing a place or just asking for the money really nicely.

The Ho-Hum Bandit's reign appears to have begun with a February 27 robbery at a National Bank in San Diego.

The FBI is offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to his arrest. 

Meanwhile, the Darth Vader Bandit is totally disappointed in this guy's lack of pizazz. He is so not getting into the League of Evil Bandits.


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