The Hangover 3, Fresh Off Angering Some in OC, Expands the Hate List to Las Vegas

When The Hangover 3 took over part of the 73 freeway last month, some Orange Countians were as pissed as a bride waiting for her absent groom (or a movie critic watching The Hangover Part II).

Well, those folks will be happy to hear they are not alone.

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Meet Michael Mahaffey. He is the self-professed owner of four houses in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he claims production security for The Hangover 3 assaulted him on a public street on Main Street in the arts district and caused the death of his dog by three passing vehicles.

And he claims to have the video to prove it:

Now, maybe it's just me, but that shaky cam footage above does not prove beyond a shadow of a doubt to me, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, that those were

The Hangover 3

security guards, that an assault took place or that a canine became instant roadkill.

Mahaffey's accompanying YouTube description is just as shaky:

tonitie i walked down main street and was harassed and assaulted By the security crew of the movie Hangover 3 Uso Security Las Vegas and i also want to thank Metro acting like its my fault for walking down the street 4 people surrounded me and wouldnt let me leave and the cops blow me off. at 241-246 the 3 splatt noises are the dog getting hit Just Talked To Las Vegas Metro and They have assigned DETECTIVE RUIZ so hopefully i will get to walk on public streets.Shit i nt walk down the street but they let the homeless sleep on them hmmm whats wrong here.

It is true the production moved late last month to Las Vegas, that at least Ed Helms, Ken Jeong and Zach Galifianakis have been seen in public, that a corner of Main Street has been rebuilt for the shoot and that those surrounding the project are being highly secretive, which is common in an age when plot-destroying videos and versions of movies that have not even been released yet are posted online.

But, not to mix movie series, you need some ultra-high-tech CIA Bourne analysis of the video Mahaffey supplied to determine what he claimed happened in Vegas, uh, stayed in Vegas? Anyway, his increasingly angry commentary--"Call the poh-leez, call the poh-leez"--is at least as entertaining as The Hangover Part II.

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