The Godfather of Mexican-Haters to Visit CCIR Tomorrow!

The Godfather of Mexican-Haters to Visit CCIR Tomorrow!

What an exciting couple of days it's been for members of the California Coalition for Immigration Reform! They held a rally this past Saturday at their little slice of Nuremburg, the Garden Grove Women's Club, in which a Who's Who of Know Nothings was scheduled to rally geriatrics against amnesty for illegals: Jeff Schwilk of the San Diego Minutemen (a group so goofy they despise Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist), CCIR head witch Barbara Coe, "Chicana" activist Lupe Moreno, Save Our State members, and William Gheen, head of Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee (ALIPAC). And, in a couple of days, none other than Glenn Spencer himself will visit CCIR!

The younger Aztlanistas out there might not remember or recognize Spencer, who runs the hilarious American Patrol website and now lives in Arizona. But...well, let's hand the mike over to the Southern Poverty Law Center:

If there were a Paul Revere of the anti-immigration movement, it would be Glenn Spencer, a vitriolic Mexican-basher who may have done more than anyone to spread the myth of a secret Mexican conspiracy to reconquer the Southwest.

My own experiences with Spencer and his pals are listed here and here. Let the record also note Spencer once threatened my colleague Nick Schou and I with a lawsuit that went nowhere. Anyways, if you're interested in hearing this living piece of history, he'll speak this Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. at the Garden Grove Women's Club, 9501 Chapman Ave. Members get in for free; non-members pay $5, but don't bother trying to enter if you're Muslim, non-self-hating Mexican, or a gabacho with a conscience.


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