The Emperor of Ice Cream

Photo by Tenaya HillsArchie's Ice Cream proves ice cream is a dish best served . . . at the beach. You may be able to secretly eat ice cream at the beach—but you'll have trouble getting it on film. When OC Weeklyand Archie's Ice Cream showed up to shoot this photo, the folks at nearby Newport Beach City Hall got all perturbed and nearly sent us packing. Packing fudge. Packing fudge ice cream. But in the good old days—before it turned into some Jackass-worthy stunt—eating what C. Montgomery Burns termed iced creamat the water's edge was definitely the way to go. It fed you quickly and gave you a sugar rush that made paddling out so easy. Archie's, a towing company that has diversified into the totally unrelated ice cream field, can help you there. They run four goofily-painted trucks you can hire for corporate events, helping them help you get Fudgsicles, Firecrackers, Drumsticks, Froz Toes and Lick-a-Color pops out to the masses. Archie's Ice Cream, 745 Hariton St., Orange, (714) 771-1292;

Photographer: Tenaya Hills

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