The Dreaded Gay-Hispanic- Vietnamese Agenda Spreads!

Frequent Clockwork and Blotter commenter El Serracho just received a little present from a Westminster school district parent: hate mail. Someone named Stephanie Erickson apparently googled herself and found her name referenced on a blog post about the Westminster school board rescinding Dr. Kim Oanh Nguyen-Lam's position as superintendent. That prompted a six-paragraph, typo-infested email to ES, who especially like this passage:

"The fact that Latinos and Vietnamese have been attending board meetings pertaining to the superintendents position leads me to believe that maybe there are people in ths district or on the board that know Dr. Lam and are working together to promote a hispanic-vietnamese agenda tht does not represent 100 percent of all WSD students..."

El Serracho responded by doing something normally unheard of among bloggers--research!--and discovered that Erickson is a Republican activist who ran for Westminster school board in 1998 and has previously voiced concerns over the "homosexual agenda" as well as the "hispanic-vietnamese agenda."

Read the post here.

(Thanks to Comandante Agi)


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