The Circle of Life, Simba

Art by Bob AulAfter shopping at Metro Pointe in Costa Mesa on Aug. 28, I used the pay phone near the Edwards Theatre. It is always difficult to hold packages, my purse, change and the phone number and not drop anything. Unfortunately, I put my wallet down while phoning and forgot to pick it up when I was done. I didn't discover my wallet was missing until three hours later. When I called Metro Pointe, I was told that security would be contacted. If they found it, I would be called. I was advised to cancel all of my credit cards. I did so and resigned myself to the hassle of getting a new driver's license, etc., and only hoped that whoever found the wallet would take the money (about $40) and then leave the wallet with security. I was very surprised when, two hours later, I received a call from Metro Pointe and was told that two women had found my wallet and turned it in with everything intact. Security was unable to tell me who the good Samaritans were, and so I am hoping this will serve as a response. If I could, I would inform these women—and all other people who do the right thing without rewards—that there is a chain reaction that occurs when you give of yourself. It may not be today, but know that your actions will make the world a better place. The feeling I get knowing that someone who did not know me, who did not have to take the extra step but returned my wallet anyhow, has made me want to share this story so more people may experience the interconnected web of life.

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