The Changeling

Perhaps you're mainlining nog and didn't notice, but the OC Weekly website has changed much since the last time you logged in. No, this is not the first positive move made by our new New Times owners; it's been in the works for months and months and months, starting so long ago now that this aging Seiko can't even recall when it started. Sounds like I've heard about it at least as long as the long-rumored Three Dog Night reunion.

Of course, among those changes is this new blog format, which, given our usual droolings, is like putting a drunken toddler behind the wheel of a Porshe 911. Does Porshe even make 911's? Does it go zero-to-60 stories in, like, 3 seconds?

By the way, you may notice some things wrong with the site as we're smoothing out the edges. Direct all complaints to:

And as President Bush says: "Be patient! Or else..."


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