The Bravest Columnist in Orange County

Eric Lindroos is a columnist for the Coast Report, the student newspaper of my alma mater, Orange Coast College. He writes the "Weekly Queery," his musings on life as a gay student who doesn't take guff from morons—yep, you know where this is going. Lindroos has received muchos nasty email from homophobic pendejos, but the San Francisco State-bound student has always maintained a positive, reappropriating attitude throughout the semester—even in the face of a restraining order filed to protect him from one crazy.

Lindroos—whom we know because he's a waiter at a restaurant we frequent that shall remain nameless—told the Weekly that the individual has gone to the Coast Report newsroom and demanded to confront Lindroos about his homosexuality. The student was able to get an op-ed piece blasting Lindroos in the paper, one poorly received by the OCC community. Now, Lindroos says the student is threatening to join the Coast Report—just to harass Lindroos. The Coast Report staff has tried to shield Lindroos from his hater, but he doesn't mind the attention—indeed, he welcomes speaking to the moron in order to show him that homosexuality is as normal as air. "This is a learning experience for me," says Lindroos, who hopes to continue his column writing as a career. Be good folks: send the Coast Report kudos for standing by Lindroos by e-mailing them at


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