The Bicycle Thief

Long Beach is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the U.S.—with a high rate of bicycle theft. In the past three months, my son has had two stolen and I've had one disappear. We are not wealthy, and this has put us in a bind. Our bicycles are fun, friendly, environmentally sound and an economical mode of transportation. If you needed a bike so bad, you could have asked. I would have found a way to help you get mobile. I've helped people in need in my community before. Now, since my partner and I are both out of work, a new (or even used) bicycle is out of the question. If you find yourself reading this and feel like your karma could use a little help, please return my all-black, eight-speed beach cruiser by 3G, with its back bookrack (curved outer pillars) and night running lights, to the rack at the Ralphs on Fourth. Oh, and please lock it—I'm pretty handy and can get a lock off, as well. Just leave a note on it so I know it's mine. I would appreciate it and might just help you find one of your own if you feel like giving me your contact information. If not, I hope you get a good price and the money goes to help you out of whatever situation brought you to needing my bike so badly.


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