The Ballad of Mike Carona

The tragic tale of the former sheriff inspired retired L.A. Times feature writer Roy Rivenburg and former Press Enterprise police reporter Lisa O'Neill Hill to combine their powers and slap some new lyrics on an old 80's favorite.

Click here for a MIDI clip if you want to sing along.

The Ballad of Mike Carona (to the tune of "My Sharona" by The Knack) By Lisa O'Neill Hill and Roy Rivenburg

Ooh, the OC sheriff's done, sheriff's done. Are you gonna do some hard time, Carona? Ooh, they say you banked a sum, a big fat sum, Montblanc pens and gifts so sublime, Carona.

Chorus: Never gonna plea, give it up. But you're in a bind, charged as too corrupt and keeping a blonde concubine My my my, aye aye woo! M-M-M-Mike Carona!

Can I buy a badge from you, a badge from you If I give a yacht to you, Mike Carona? I will pay a grand to you, monthly dues Plus designer clothes for your wife, Carona.


If you're under lock and key, lock and key When the feds put you on trial, Carona As an ex-chief deputy, deputy Your pension should still make you smile, Carona.



Anyone else similarly inspired? Send all Carona-related lyrics, poems and bad photoshop to


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