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Re: Rebecca Schoenkopf's "Thank God for That Tax Cut!" [Sept. 9]: You know what's worse than you liberals hating the president? It's terrorists. And you liberals who hate the president are just as bad as terrorists. You two get along so well. And you know what? When are you liberals going to start blaming this whole catastrophe on the Category 5 hurricane that struck that land, huh? And why didn't those people who died act on the warning to get out? No, you know what, they wanted to ride the wave out, they just wanted to ride it out. Well, they rode it straight to their deaths. So maybe next time all you fuckin' liberals will start blaming who's really to blame here. Those people had a warning, Rebecca, and they did not get out, you fuckin' dumb ass! I can't believe you would ruin your 10-year anniversary on filthy print like this, you fuckin' terrorist! Rebecca Schoenkopf, you are nothing but a terrorist, you fuckin' cunt!

Christopher Kling

Thanks for Joel Beers' intriguing article "Fat Like Me" [Aug. 26]. Being the "skinny one" in a family of six fat-assed siblings, I found it accurate that no one wants to touch the obese. I also found it predictable that nine of the 24 advertisements straddling the article—37 percent—solicited products or cures to the un-normal of our society. It makes me realize none of us are free of the media manipulation that both encourages and denies the disease that is the consumer/capitalistic everyone who reads this magazine exists within.

Christopher Karl
Laguna Beach

I greatly enjoyed Beers' piece. It mirrors, almost exactly, a verse titled "Observations," which I wrote during a trip to Walt Disney World. The last verse is:

While it's hard to imagine just what she might weigh
It has got be 300 pounds I would say:
As she feeds on her triple-dip cone—flavors swirled
So do countless more like her at Walt Disney World

Barry A. Zaslav
Corona del Mar

Beers says Disneyland's Blue Bayou is "Disney's closest thing to fine dining." Beers has obviously never eaten at Club 33, which is right next door. I dined there last week, and couldn't help but note that dining at another table was none other than Hugh Hefner and a multitude of his Bunnies.

Paul Morton
Newport Beach

Gustavo Arellano es muy cabrn! Y lo digo de Fresnillense a Jerezano en muy buen plan, creo que siempre (al menos las cosas que he leido) tiene razn, la forma en que responde a todo tipo de preguntas enAsk a Mexican! es inteligente, mordaz, educada, con base, mandando a la chingada a los pendejos que se lo merecen. Desde hace algunos meses leo sus respuestas a las preguntas que recibe, y siempre me quedo con una sonrisa. He mandado tu columna a algunos amigos en Zacatecas. Espero que Gustavo est bien y que no le ataranten los pochos, gringos, afros con tanto mito sobre los mexicanos y si es as, pues que le aclare el panorama. Y que le diga a su editor gabachoWill Swaim que no la chingue: que le de doble espacio en la prxima edicin y en las siguientes!

Adrian Licn
Nogales, Arizona

Steve Lowery, I was reading your column and noticed you had an error in it about the Iron Maiden/Ozzfest showdown [Diary of a Mad County, Aug. 26]. You wrote, "the rift actually between Black Sabbath—featuring Osbourne's (Sharon) late husband, Ozzy . . ." Just an FYI for you that Ozzy is still alive. I actually had some people come up to me asking when Ozzy died. The only thing that died on Aug. 20 is Iron Maiden performing at Ozzfest again.

Christina Naviello
Via e-mail

First, he exposes Dr. Kooshian, who shamelessly gets rich by thumbing his nose at the Hippocratic oath and injecting his HIV patients with water and vitamins instead of anti-HIV medication. Now, he exposes the OC Court of Appeals presiding justice David G. Sills and his seven associate justices' approval of testicle-crushing torture in the OC Jail [R. Scott Moxley's "Justice Takes a Beating," Aug. 12]. Moxley is a truly heroic journalist. At the very least, he should be awarded a Pulitzer.

Harleigh Kyson Jr.
Long Beach

I would like to add my support to reader B. Dirk Yarborough about your use of staples [Letters, Sept. 2]. I cut out clippings from newspapers and magazines and send them to my congressman, Representatives Maxine Waters, John Conyers, Senators Ted Kennedy and Barbara Boxer, DNC, DCCC and DSCC. Now, I first have to remove the staples before I can cut, which is extra work for me. Putting the staples in is extra work for you as well, so why do you do it?

Jerry Fong
El Monte

Editor responds: Why do we do it, Jerry? Why, you ask? Why does a salmon swim upstream? Why does a moth fly to a flame? Why does Theo Douglas just keep talking and talking and talking until you just want to scream, "Dude, nobody cares about your Easy-Bake oven!" Why, Jerry? Because we're givers; and because our constant market research tells us that readers want three things: guys in fat suits, staples and more Theo emasculation.

Gustavo Arellano has been named a senior fellow for the USC Annenberg School of Communication's October seminar on the Latinization of American culture. In awarding him the position, USC called Arellano "knowledgable and accomplished and—best yet—still eager to learn and always curious."


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