That's Not a Virus Infecting Your Computer, It's Poorman

He's been all over the radio dial. He's burned through all the local broadcast television channels. Now Poorman is headed for the infinite bandwidth of the World Wide Web.

God help us all . . .

Newport Beach, CA - January 21, 2009 - Picture Jay Leno meets Loveline meets Wayne's World with the look of a CNN roundtable forum of contributors via web cams. That's LuvChat. LuvChat premieres Feb. 16 and will be the first "live" interactive online variety show streaming Monday through Friday nights from 8-10 PST. The show will be hosted by Executive Producer Jim "Poorman" Trenton and co-hosted by Dr. Gabrielle Davis, M.D., along with nightly celebrity guest "Luv Doctors."


The foisters of this vital knowledge on a cold, shivering, confused public say Poorman will be webcasting from his "Newport Beach studio," which we assume means the Poor Palace on the Balboa Pen. But wait, there's more. That's the thing with Poorman, there's always more, like a cruise ship buffet.


LuvChat will present cutting edge technological advancements in online "live" video streaming and the use of multiple hi-def web cams--which has never been done before in an online program. For the first time ever, guests with "Luv Problems" will appear on-screen (if they so desire), via web cam, as opposed to just phoning it in. If the guest does not wish to be seen on screen, the web cam image will be silhouetted.


Davis, Poorman's co-host who we can only hope is less annoying than Dr. Drew Pinsky of the Jim Trenton-conceived/-hosted/-frozen-out-of Loveline and every third VH-1 reality show, is alleged to be finishing up her residency at USC/LAC and currently mentoring and educating youth in STD awareness and prevention.


A typical scenario could have Poorman in the show's main studio, Dr. Davis on a web cam from the hospital, the celebrity "Luv Doctor" on their web cam from an "A" list party, and a guest inquiring live via his/her web cam.


The internet has the potential to keep Poorman occupied, happy and fed for years to come, but should this not work out there's always direct mail.

 And by that I mean delivering it.




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