That's Just How We Stroll
Matt Bors

That's Just How We Stroll

To the rude woman who ran over my foot with her kid’s 100-pound stroller at Kohl’s: There is such a thing as right of way. Whether driving, biking or just plain walking, it’s so easy you don’t have to be smart to remember it: Stay to your right! You even had the nerve to call me “classless” when I exclaimed about how my foot hurt when you ruthlessly ran the stroller over it. Am I supposed to suffer in silence? You were so caught up in starting a fight you didn’t bother to apologize. If “having class,” in your dictionary, means walking all over town with a sense of entitlement, expecting people to get out of the way of your monstrous stroller (which, by the way, wasn’t even being used to transport your kid, but instead contained a crazy pile of purses, towels and other shit) and acting unapologetic if you do end up hitting someone, then I’m proud to say I am truly classless.

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