That's Classified

Gifts from the OC classifieds:

Free Brazilian wax, anyone? There's always a catch for this sort of $50 freebie. Answer this ad, and you'll get it done live at an education conference before a waxing class.

Put out: For free rent at one guy's Santa Ana home.

Lost a surfboard? If you dropped it on the 405, this dude may be your man.

Paint your parts: "Young, handsome artist seeks female model for masterpiece! Actually it's all experimental. i want to draw or paint female body parts but i also want to paint pictures on those parts . . . "

What a deal: $250 for one stud, $400 for two.

Urp: "Where can I find a good old fashioned Mexican sperm burper in Orange County? I don't even care about their legal status. Just has to be able to burp sperm on command."


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