In the sensational homosexual rumor/promotion discrimination case, lawyers for both the Newport Beach Police Department and Sgt. Neil Harvey told an Orange County Superior Court judge this afternoon that they have no more witnesses.

Testimony in Newport Cop Sexual Harassment Case Finishes

Jurors, who today looked anxious to get the case for deliberations, will hear closing arguments on Friday.

Harvey, a 27-year veteran cop who is heterosexual, claims that he was denied promotion to lieutenant because other cops, some of whom are now in management, have for years spread false rumors that he's "a fag." Ridiculously, the rumors were fueled, in part, because Harvey has owned a home in adjoining coastal city, Laguna Beach, and can form sentences in reports that use proper grammar, apparently a  monumentally difficult task for certain other cops in the department. 

In testimony, police department management denied they ever once heard the rumors or participated in them and don't believe in discriminating against gays. They claim that Harvey, while a good sergeant, wasn't ready for higher rank because he lacked superior leadership and decision-making skills.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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