Mitchell serves up a hot mug of Irish Breakfast.
Mitchell serves up a hot mug of Irish Breakfast.

Tea Partying with the Bay City Rollers!

Andrew Breitbart wants you to know that the Tea Party is diverse, and he proves it in this video shot on Feb. 5, day two of the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, Tennessee, where he describes meeting OC's own Ian Mitchell. Back in April 2009, Breitbart--ex-Drudge Report, now of into Mitchell at the Tea Party's Tax Day hullabaloo in Santa Ana, where he was headlining the entertainment along with actor Gary Graham (Trekkie trivia! Name the minor recurring character Graham played in Enterprise).

In case you're not up on your '70s Irish pop-rock, Mitchell was the lead guitarist (for one year) of the Bay City Rollers. These days the freshly minted citizen of the USA is likely to be belting out "America the Beautiful" with enough patriotism to make old ladies teary-eyed, or performing around Orange County with the Bay City Rollers featuring Ian Mitchell--the only original member of the group. Ian Mitchell! He used to wear wacky plaid suits!

Ian Mitchell's heroes, as listed on his MySpace page:

"Jesus, my wife, George Bush, John DeLorean, Ronald Regan."

Never mind the faulty spelling, just focus on DeLorean. He designed that shiny silver car from Back to the Future and made a fortune. Then he went bankrupt. Then he was arrested after being entrapped by the FBI in a drug-trafficking scheme that he hoped would net him enough cash to save the DeLorean Motor Company. If that's not The American Dream, then what is?

"Ireland is pretty much Socialist, and so is England right now, under Gordon Brown," he said at the Santa Ana Tea Party.

"It really is. Which is why him and the nameless person get along so well." He who must not be named?


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