Tax-Pot-to-Save-Teachers Ad is Too Hot for TV

Every two-bit party hack, corporate lobbying group and, yes, of course, The Chosen One can get TV airtime to sway the masses this way and that, to and fro, the hot issue du jour. But make that issue the legalization of marijuana so that it may be taxed to save our state from going into the shitter and, by golly, it's as if you were suggesting NAMBLA take over day cares.

Take this ad . . . please!

It seems harmless enough, but the same network affiliates, cable news channels and other purveyors of mind-numbing reality TV that will whore up the dollars of dime-store dictators, backward policy wonks and illegal immigrant hunters will not take the money of the Marijuana Policy Project so that the commercial can be shown to Californians.

Stations in Los Angeles and San Francisco -- or Soddom and Gomorrah to you readers in the South, Midwest and Yucca Valley -- refused to play the ad, saying it violated their "standards." Keep in mind that one of these stations was LA's KABC/Channel 7, whose standards seem just fine enough, thank you very much, for desperate MILFs, ugly Latinas and Jimmy Kimmel.


Oh, by the way, in other Marijuana Policy Project news, one of their bloggers, Bruce Mirken, asks: "Could Medical Marijuana Have Saved Michael Jackson?" It's refreshing to see that latching one's issues on to the hot news topic du jour fits the standards of the MPP. Why, put ol' Brucey in horn rims, braces and a skirt and have him do the post man on the dining room table while Jimmy Kimmel watches, and he might even have a show!


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