Tasha Tells All...On OC's Breast-Job Party Scene!

Every Monday, adult superstar/OC girl Tasha Reign gives us her thoughts on life, sex, politics, and everything else in-between. Today, Tasha weighs in on OC's breast-job party scene. Enjoy!

Don't Be Tardy to the Boob-Job Party
By Tasha Reign

The invitation arrived via snail mail last November in a delicate blue envelope. When I carefully unfolded the little paper inside, I saw one of my best girlfriends sketched in a cartoon form, with huge boobs and bleach blonde hair, wearing a cute blue bikini and staring at a stork carrying a package that said, "Its a 34 C."

Yep: it was another boobie shower in Orange County. Oh, and the fact that the heading inside screamed "BOOBIE SHOWER" hinted at that, too.
Mexicans have their quinceañeras and ladies of another era held debutante balls for their daughters, but more than a few women in Orange County and Southern California celebrate their transition into womenhood by getting breast implants, then introducing their new assets to family and friends at a party. I know it sounds frivolous and girly, but breast augmentations are not a casual event. Not only is it important to think long and hard about the exact type and size that girls want and research them as much as possible beforehand, it's perfectly appropriate to celebrate the occasion. After all, you're not going to celebrate a procedure that makes you look beautiful and cost a couple thou with tacos at the drive-thru, right?

But the gal of honor this time surprised me. My girlfriend had worked at a plastic surgeon's office in Orange County for many years, never once getting anything artificial done, not even a little Botox (at this point in coastal OC life, a girl not getting Botox is like a girl keeping her virginity past 30). She had a fabulous figure, but eventually decided she wanted breasts that were a little more full and more voluptuous. After years of saving up and working long hours, she decided she should treat herself.

I hadn't visited this group of girls that I first met at the Playboy Mansion in almost a year, so I was thrilled to see all of them. I packed up Prius and headed down to Huntington Beach, one of my favorite OC cities after Laguna. I love HB because it's so gorgeous and full of energy: it has lots of singles and is surrounded with people in their 20s, making it a 24/7 vacation.

I had just come from a photo shoot, so at least my hair and makeup was intact, but I was in a rush and felt ill prepared. But I always get calmed down as I hit the 22-405 interchange, because I realize I'm back in my homeland.

Before the party, I swung by Spencer's, and purchased a boob job mug and a naughty panty-and-pasties set--yep, a booby prize. When I pulled up to the white picket fence home of my pal, I was excitedly greeted by all the bodacious beauties and the party girl's supportive parents. The atmosphere was fun and lighthearted. Champagne, mimosas (my favorite drink), and pizza and pasta were served. This particular group of friends is really playful and enjoy games, so we were asked to bring a plain white T-shirt to draw all over. The point of that game was to see who could draw the best and most humorous booby shirt. I thought I had a head start on everyone but unfortunately there were full-blown artists in this set, so I lost. After the winner received her goody bag with sex toys in it, we all got served cake-- a life-sized pair of breasts that looked almost too real.

The party girl's new titties are fabulous--they are a perfect fit for her and she was so thrilled that everyone was there to enjoy her happiness. Most importantly, she did this out of her own volition, subscribing to no one's social demands but her own. No one should feel pressured to get breasts--and no one should feel ashamed to desire them either. I got breast implants when I turned 21. People always ask if I got my breast done for porn, but I went under the knife before I ever even posed nude for Playboy. I have always idolized curves, and my natural gifts just weren't enough for me. With my 34Cs, I feel more confident, and the decision was ultimately beneficial for me. If you're unhappy with a physical attribute on the outside, sometimes a little tweak can make you glow from the inside--and isn't satisfaction what we all desire?.

I have heard many arguments about why getting breast implants is succumbing to male domination and I have heard plenty of men say that they like natural breasts. To each her own. If you're happy with your boobies? Awesome!

But if you do want some work done, be careful. Make sure you're getting them for the right reasons--not because someone wants you to have them, or you think society wants you to have them, but because YOU want to have them. And also do your research: I've seen more botched jobs than good or great ones. Do not get a boob job until you can afford the one of your dreams--otherwise it may not be the best outcome, and who wants that? My fabulous doctor, Dr. Garth Fisher, has a practice in Beverly Hills, and I highly recommend him. If you want to take a look at mine, just go to my website--actually, you should go over there, anyway...

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