Scene of the slime
Scene of the slime

Tariq Ibrahim Musa Guilty of Posing as Cop, Detaining Man and Offering Him Freedom in Exchange for Sex with Poor Sap's Wife

A man who posed as a police officer before "busting" a 22-year-old selling counterfeit CDs in front of a Santa Ana market and then offering freedom in exchange for letting the bad cop fuck the poor sap's "beautiful" wife, was convicted of kidnapping charges today.

Tariq Ibrahim Musa, 33, of Santa Ana, now faces seven years to life in state prison at his Aug. 23 sentencing.

Musa flashed a badge at the victim identified as Gerardo P. on April 3, 2009, before claiming he was under arrest for illegally selling compact discs. Gerardo was then forced to hand over his wallet, which included a photo of his wife with their small child.

The "arrestee" was then ushered into Musa's Nissan Altima, where the phony baloney cop used a built-in radio to pretend to be calling in the arrest. Then, noting how good looking Gerardo's wife is, Musa offered to let the man go in exchange for an hour with the Mrs. Musa put the screws to Gerardo by claiming he'd serve 10 years in a federal prison and then be deported to Mexico if he did not take the deal.

Musa drove to Gerardo's apartment, where the resident was instructed to fetch his wife. Inside the apartment--and temporarily away from Musa--Gerardo told his wife and family relatives what was happening. One called 9-1-1, Santa Ana police arrived at the apartment, and Musa was arrested that same day.

Gerardo's belongings--but thankfully not his bride--were still in Musa's Nissan.

A jury found Musa guilty today of one felony count of kidnapping to commit a sex offense and one felony count of kidnapping for extortion.

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