Tan Nguyen Makes Ass Out of Himself (Part 38)

Our favorite Demopublican (or, conversely, Republocrat) had a chance to endear himself to a national audience this morning on The Radio Factor, home of loofa-loving Bill O'Reilly. KABC-AM 790 morning guy Doug McIntyre filled in and was ready to give Nguyen an on-air hummer. Then Nguyen actually spoke.

Nguyen began by correcting McIntyre about his Vietnamese surname's proper pronounciation--"win" as opposed to "Nu-win," which ticked McIntyre off. Nguyen then went to claim recent polls show him beating 47th Congressional District incumbent Loretta Sanchez, polls that the boyos at OC Blog dismissed in a post I can't find (help, Jubal!). "I don't care about that," McIntyre told Nguyen. McIntyre then asked Nguyen if he was behind the infamous "immigrants can't vote" letter, to which Tan replied with his stock statement that he neither "authorized" nor "approved" the letter. McIntyre asked the same question again, to which Nguyen said no one connected to his campaign was behind the letter--this despite Nguyen admitting earlier that his office was behind the letter and him holding a press conference defending the letter.

Nguyen then insinuated Loretta was behind the letter, adding that "someone" was "fueling the hysteria." An exasperated McIntyre tried keeping Tan on the subject, but he wouldn't answer questions. And then Tan trotted out another stock phrase, but quickly tempered it with a caveat (I'm paraphrasing here 'cause I took notes while driving 90 on the 5 South toward San Juan Capistrano toward next week's entry of This Hole-in-the-Wall-Life):

"I'm going to tell it like it is, but my hands are tied.

McIntyre quickly ended the interview. When he returned, McIntyre told a national audience he "wasn't happy" with Nguyen's answers--this from a man who thought Nguyen did nothing wrong.

Summary: Tan Nguyen either lied to McIntyre or he's a moron. My vote: both.


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