Talon Companies, Which Investigated Costa Mesa City Employee Suicide, to Protect Tea Party's Michele Bachmann

​What's good enough for the city of Costa Mesa also works for the Tea Party's headline presidential candidate, Michele Bachmann: Both hired Talon Companies to do some work for them.

Costa Mesa is a small town in Orange County that has gathered national headlines for its extreme response to financial difficulties; Bachmann is a national political figure who gathers headlines nearly every time she opens her mouth.

For Costa Mesa, Talon conducted a second investigation of the suicide of a city employee. For Bachmann, the company will provide lead security over the coming months while she's on the campaign trail, according to Politico.

Talon is based in Costa Mesa and was founded by Ron Williams, who spent 22 years protecting presidents, vice presidents and dignitaries as a member of the Secret Service before starting his company in 1994.

In its investigation in Costa Mesa, Talon Executive Services, a division of Talon Companies, verified that the death of Huy Pham on March 17, 2011 was actually a suicide.

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