Taiwanese Animators Ape Surf City's White Riot

Taiwanese Animators Ape Surf City's White Riot

Wascally NMATV, the Taiwanese animators whose main work you know from computer-generated reenactments for news programs--but whose side hobby is skewering said news with said animation--has weighed in on the lighter side with ... how'd they put it in the email? Oh, yes ... "Surfers Go Ape Shit at Huntington Beach Riots."

After the jump (and an annoying ad), the NMATV video titled "Huntington Beach White Riot Breaks Out After US Open of Surfing" ...

WARNING: The following video contains white males portrayed as dummies, leaky Port-a-Potties, trigger happy cops, whacks to the nuts and other disturbing images. Viewer discretion advised.

NMA's Julie Huang wonders if art can possibly top life as one compares her company's lampooning video with what was actually shot at the scene. "Hope you enjoy this animation," she writes, "even though the videos are pretty crazy already."

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