Sushi Pig

So maybe you don't know that Shrimp Boats are about as authentically Japanese as pizza, but get a clue from the people sitting around you at the sushi bar: the courteous thing to do is to place one order at a time—two if you're ordering for a couple. Ordering half a dozen items at once is just plain rude, and rejecting an order when it's exactly what you requested is wasteful and self-centered. Passing your dirty plate back to the sushi chef over the counter is vile and disgusting. Where did you learn how to eat in public—at a county fair?

Remember that Japanese culture is built on courtesy. The sushi chef was too respectful to shame you by telling you what a boor you were. But in the future, please do us all a favor and avoid sushi bars where others have to watch you order and eat—or learn how to behave without turning their stomachs.

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