Survivors Relive Killer Laguna Canyon Mudslide for TV

The amazing--and tragic--experiences of Laguna Canyon residents one fateful night 11 years ago are relived in a new episode of the Weather Channel's Storm Stories Sunday at 5 p.m. Narrated by Jim Cantore, Storm Stories chronicles the true stories of survivors and rescuers battling amazing weather events

After six Laguna Canyon residents escaped one mudslide, they helped rescue trapped neighbors before seeking refuge and a night's sleep Feb. 23, 1998, in the home of Charlie and Anne Quilter. For reporters following up on the story afterward, Charlie Quilter recalled the exact time tragedy struck: 11:58 p.m. That's when a larger mudslide tore down the hill and ripped away part of his home, carrying the occupants with it. 

One guest, Glenn Flook, did not make it out alive. The 25-year-old had gone with his fiancé to the Quilters after rescuing neighbors trapped by the first mudslide before falling victim to the second.

Gary Segraves did manage to get out of the Quilter house alive, landing in the right place at the right time to rescue nine-month-old Tiffany Sarabia, whose family feared she drowned in the river of mud after being ripped from her mother's arms. Tiffany, who was not reunited with her parents until days later at a Red Cross center, became known as the miracle baby of Laguna Canyon.


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