The t-shirt in question?
The t-shirt in question?

Surf City Obama Monkey Girl Speaks!

It's rare that we ever get a response from the offending party in our Hey, You! column, and even rarer to get a retort from the writer to said response. Yet that's what has seemed to happen with the Hey, You! of a couple of weeks ago, in which someone took a teenage girl to task for wearing a T-shirt with a picture of President Barack Obama with a monkey mask, and the white-power charade that followed in the parking lot of a Huntington Beach Albertson's.

Last weekend, we received the following comment on the online version of the column (remember, people: you can also comment on stories!):

hi my name is Leah ... i was the girl in the Albertsons parking lot. And lets get this right im 18 not 16 I was with three friends and you came up to me screaming why are you wereing that shirt ... I never said he was a nigger ,,,, and you asked me what my perents think of this shirt yes i did tell you my dad got it for me ... I told you my dad is raciest too. then u walked away raising youre arms saying something i did not hear im i just thought it was funny people have thair own opinions you dont see me going up to people yelling things about what they belive in and i heard about the article in the paper by my friend .... you must be really board with ur time

Comment by leah from huntington beach on Feb 2nd, 2009, 12:32 pm

That was followed by her racist pal. After the jump!
I NO THE GIRL SHE IS STRIGHT EDGE NEVER TOUCHED A DRUG IN HER LIFE XXX SHE HAS HER OWN OPINION ... YES HB one of the most raciest towns out here .... you guys all say she is a low life... perants are shitty ... in that case your all wrong .. she has just graduated high school and in three monthes is leaving for the army.... and no shawn from HB she does not do drugs niether her parents...

Comment by 88 from huntington beach on Feb 2nd, 2009, 13:01 pm

"88," in skinhead terminology, stands for "Heil Hitler," the letter H being the eighth in the alphabet. What, 88: no Fourteen Words? What kind of a white supremacist are you?

All this provoked amusement from the writer of the Hey, You!

Dear Leah,

I am the writer of the Hay You! I am glad you noticed the Hey You and glad you and your friends are talking about it. THAT WAS THE POINT! Lets be honest, I NEVER yelled anything. We had a talk. I was a little impressed with you and your friends for not getting angry and yelling at me. I did ask you what the T-shirt was about and we did talk about it, and yes you shouted keep it WHITE at me as I walked away. Yes, you admitted you and your family are racists and YES you used the N-WORD( several times). Of course, no properly educated high school age white kid from HB would ever use the N-word, especially one who is openly racist and wearing a very racially charged T-shirt given to her by her family. Its obviously not in your character , what was I thinking!!!!! I was completely amazed at how nonchalant the whole thing was. I grew up in Chicago and that kind of thing could get you killed in Chi town. That, however is not the point. If you have strong opinions and are going to shout them in parking lots and proudly display them on your shirt,PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE have the courage to be honest about what you do. Its OK to be wrong, but to be wrong and dishonest will not serve you very well in your life. It will especially not serve you well in the military!!!! I am glad you graduated high school and are drug free. Choosing to serve your country is also admirable, I too chose to serve my country and community. Be careful you may have to serve in the armed forces with people who aren't from the OC and who aren't white(BIG Gasp)!! Perhaps the military will open your eyes to ways of the world other than yours, or at least it will give you the courage to be honest!!! I really don't care how old you are, you are old enough to have thoughts of your own and racism is ugly on a 16 or 18 yo!


Comment by David from Huntington beach on Feb 2nd, 2009, 15:20 pm

We can't verify whether the people leaving the comments are who they say they are, but makes for amusing reading nevertheless. You read us, you really read us!


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