Surf City Kink Concern Banking on a Fifty Shades of Grey Halloween

"Trick or treat, bind my feet, whip and flog me in my seat."

You may be hearing that this Halloween, if you also live in a neighborhood where grown adults hold out empty pillowcases for candy--and if they are wearing costumes completed by a naughty Huntington Beach company latching onto the Fifty Shades of Grey craze.

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Sportsheets, which supplies your finer adult novelty stores with, uh, adult novelties, is reminding those that stock the shelves that it carries the perfect accompaniments to anyone dressing up this Season of the Nipple-Clamped Witch as characters from E.L. James' best-selling trilogy.

The company's talking masks, blindfolds, whips, floggers and handcuffs. Do they hawk a special Fifty Shades of Grey necktie? You bet your sweet bruised wrists they do.

"Halloween brings out the best in us all, letting men and women bring their ultimate fantasies to life each year--and this is the season of Fifty Shades of Grey," Sportsheets president Julie Stewart says in a release posted on the AVN site. "The books' main characters, Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey, each have their signature looks and there's no better way to live out the Fifty Shades fantasy than dressing the part for one special night."

With Hollywood all atwitter, one wonders if the coming Fifty Shades film will ultimately supplant The Rocky Horror Picture Show on the midnight-movie circuit. If so, Sportsheets will have your costume ready. Better yet, wear a Hazmat suit because that won't be rice and toast hitting the screen.

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