Surf City Implements Text Message Reminder System For Street Sweeping

Did you just receive your 16th parking ticket in a year for not remembering to move your car on street sweeping days?

Huntington Beach City Councilman Devin Dwyer has finally done something about a pain we all know too well.

As reported by the LA Times: After receiving a dozen parking tickets, Dwyer threatened to shred his latest citation to bits. Though he later apologized for his "theatrics," Dwyer instead ended up asking the city to reconsider their street sweeping schedule by having the informational services department implement a text message and e-mail notification system to remind residents when the sweepers were coming though.

The Register reports that more alerts will be implemented in the same manner in the near future.

And, surprise, Register readers aren't really fans of this handy new system--some citing "tantrums" as a frequent problem of Councilman Dwyer's. A sampling of reactions:

Navarro714: "what a lazy bum... hes only standing by the same sign he's most likely lived by for YEARS! People need to take responsibility for their own mistakes, not encourage it. it's HIS car, HIS street, HIS responsibility...
I mean.... really? a text message? what's next, wake you up, brush your teeth, then wipe your a**?"

1runner2: "Well this councilman is scary stupid. He should be asked to resign or impeached. People like this want a nanny state. He is totally incapable of even managing his own affairs, let alone our city. He will definantly not get my vote next time!"

beachfun: "can i get a text monday morning reminding me to go to work? thanks"

mdhs1895: "I am able to read and comprehend english and understand the meaning of the sign that is in the picture. Maybe this guy can try getting out of bed before 10am and moving his car. does he have a garage-that is a good place to park. How about on another street at that time."


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