Supreme Court Weighs Orange County Poop

Supreme Court Weighs Orange County Poop

The U.S. Supreme Court is being asked to let Orange County's poop go . . . to Kern County.

Kern County voters in 2006 barred Orange and Los Angeles counties from sending processed human waste to Buck Owens Land, where the sludge was used as fertilizer on farms there.

The city of Los Angeles and Orange County sanitation districts have petitioned the high court to rule the voter ban violates federal interstate commerce laws, the Associated Press reports.

A federal court previously ruled against the county that includes and surrounds lovely Bakersfield, but the state appeals court on Tuesday overturned the decision, sending it back to the lower court.

If LA and OC receive no crap relief through the courts, they will be forced to haul the ca-ca out of state--or we're all going to have to eat a lot more cheese.

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