Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan No Fan of the Rev. Robert Schuller

Poor Robert Schuller--literally. Not only is his Crystal Cathedral millions of dollars in debt, not only are former members of his congregation ridiculing Schuller's children for mismanaging Orange County's original mega-church, but now he has to deal with Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan ridiculing his advice.

The revelation came in a release of email Kagan wrote while working under former President Bill Clinton. As the Wall Street Journal reported yesterday, Clinton's 1997 State of the Union speech mentioned that Schuller advised him to read Isaiah 58:12, in an attempt to heal a divided country, and he did.

Kagan wouldn't have it.

"That quote from Isaiah is the most preposterously presumptuous line I have ever seen," Kagan wrote. "The president would deserve it if the press really came down on him for this."

Maybe this announcement will endear Kagan to the Right, and to Christians suspicious of a Jew but more than happy to hear someone bash Schuller?


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