Super-Fun Cover Story Supplement: More Orly!

Super-Fun Cover Story Supplement: More Orly!

Even if you read every one of the 4,000-n'-something words of this week's cover story about Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq., our local dentist crusading to have Barack Obama removed from office, you still won't have gotten the full Orly story. She's a busy woman with many pots cooking. So here are a few more Taitz tidbits:

You can see her -- tonight! She'll be speaking at a meeting of the Saddleback Republican Assembly in Mission Viejo, according to her blog. Starts at 7 p.m. at Atria Del Sol. Assemblyman Jeff Miller will also be speaking.

More Obama crimes: Taitz spends a lot of time talking about a few perceived presidential transgressions that didn't make it into my article. Her seeming favorite piece of evidence against Obama: According to online database Lexis Nexis, there are 25 different "Barack Obamas" in America, each with a different social security number. What's that mean? In Taitz's mind, it's evidence of forgery, identity theft and duplicity on the part of Mr. Obama. In someone else's mind, though, it might not be that interesting. After all, eight people ran as "Barack Obama" in Brazil's election last year, and there's been a boom of Barack-named babies recently. Plus, there's a good chance that at least 24 people nationwide have pulled a Santos E. Halper and jokingly filled out some of their docs with the president's name.

Taitz also has major suspicions about the fact that when the Illinois Bar application asked if the applicant had ever used an alias, Obama didn't fess up and put down his childhood moniker, "Barry Soetoro," (though there's little evidence that Barry was a legal alias for him, nor that that was what the application was asking for). She think his selective service registration information is forged, even though there's no doubt they he is registered for selective service. And as for that infamous Certificate of Live Birth: Taitz's objections range from the fact that the certificate's file number was redacted in the original scan posted by the campaign, to the "fact" (details) that, who verified the veracity and physical existence of the COLB, is affiliated with Obama.

Speaking of the COLB, it's worth noting that Obama's short-form certificate -- the one eligibility-questioners say is inadequate -- is the only certificate now issued by the State of Hawaii.

She's a traveler. It can't be understated how often Dr. Taitz is on the road. Off the top of my head, I know that she has visited Washington D.C., Washington state, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Tennessee and Oklahoma. She says she has gotten more than 10 state representatives to sign on to her cause, but the one I talked to -- Mike Ritze of Oklahoma -- was very complimentary of Orly but was still mulling whether to become a plaintiff.

About that "service" thing: There's a quote from the cover story saying Taitz "doesn't file anything... she drops stuff off." That's largely a reference to Keyes v. Obama, the case Taitz has pending in U.S. District Court in Santa Ana. In order to sue a person, you have to serve them the papers from the suit in person. Taitz tried to have one of her volunteers serve Barack Obama, but she ran into some difficulty when secret service and the White House fences wouldn't let her get close enough. Still, she dropped off the materials with a mail clerk (didn't get his name, though). Now, the court has notified Taitz that she hasn't properly served the defendant as pursuant to federal rules governing how to sue a government official. In response, on Sunday Taitz submitted up a motion asking the court to reconsider, accept her previous service and render a default judgment against Obama. "It seems to the Plaintiffs unfair and unjust that a Judge could merely set aside a party's default on a whim..." Taitz wrote in her motion. "..the Court has "merely" ordered the Plaintiff to start litigation all over again, as if the past six months had never happened or were no more important than six grains of tidal sand in the surfs at Malibu."

She's a fan of Israel. That's where she met her husband, after all. Taitz has served as a delegate for AIPAC, the most influential pro-Israel lobby in America. Taitz sees AIPAC as "apolitical," but doesn't deny that she has great concerns about Obama's policies towards Israel. There's been speculation in the "anti-birther" blogosphere that Israel is the core reason for her Obama antipathy, but it's probably not so simple to boil her motivations down to one cause. It should be noted, though, that the "eligibility" movement contains both Jewish activists like Taitz and people like famed anti-semite Andy Martin and James W. Von Brunn, the white supremacist who shot up the Holocaust Museum.

She has a black belt in Taekwondo. And if you don't believe her, she published the certificate.


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