Sunday's Headlines & Surprises

  • “Luckiest Day of the Century!”: Jumped out of bed this morning, rushed to the online Vegas papers and expected to read all about our nation's newest millionaires who cashed in on 7-7-07. There was not one big winner story in either local daily. Instead, I read about likely casinos profits from the date, how casino giant Steve Wynn frets about cheating dealers, a rush of “lucky” weddings and the tale of Al from Monrovia who was up a lousy $1,800 early in the evening.
  • Transforming the Black Sheep of Presidential Libraries: Times OC ace reporter Christopher Goffard wins best story of the day with his article on the Nixon Library's first non-sycophant director, Timothy “I can't run a shrine” Naftali. The 45-year-old Harvard-trained historian is, notes the crafty Goffard, a “stylishly dressed, excitable man possessed of rapid speech and animated hand gestures.” Ahhh, the irony! What slur was it that Tricky Dick uttered about the people of San Francisco?
  • Is Montgomery Burns running the OCTA?: Orange County leaders who spend millions of taxpayer dollars annually on executive office furniture, worthless travel, worthless consultants and personal, luxury vehicles refuse to let county bus drivers split $300,000 more a year. Nice. Meanwhile, Cindy Carcamo and Ellyn Pak at the Register report that folks like Irvine Spectrum janitor Griselda Cordero can't get to work.
  • Studying the Brains of Skateboarders: Big thanks to Reg reporter Marla Jo Fisher for ending the nausea Gordon Dillow supplied yesterday. Fisher, who can actually write and report, profiles Mike Boyd, a Cal State Fullerton researcher who studies the minds of skateboarders. “They are cool characters,” he tells Fisher.
  • Idol Star Fight: The Associated Press, on top of all things important, says American Idol (season three) star Clay Aiken can't find respect. You might recall the pathetic Kelly Ripa flap. Now, the FBI--the FB freakin I!--is investigating why a woman shoved Aiken on a Continental Airlines flight to Tulsa on Saturday. Apparently, potential terrorists are on holiday.
  • The Daily Pilot Takes Forceful Stand: This weekend the Newport Beach/Costa Mesa Daily Pilot published an editorial opinion on the brewing fight between Sheriff Mike Carona and the city of Newport Beach. The city has pondered the idea of letting its own police force patrol its harbor. Carona reacts badly to turf challenges. He's been mumbling about retaliation (his knee-jerk reaction to every problem) by having his deputies police Newport Beach on land too. Wonder what Vegas would say the odds are that what's fueling the sheriff here is a desire to keep the harbor a hush-hush spot to take women. See? The issue isn't so bland. But back at the Daily Pilot, the editors felt the need to tell their readers twice that "the Harbor Patrol plays a key role in boating safety." And then they offered up this stance: The public deserves high-quality service—whoever is doing the job." Thanks.
  • If You're Bored Tonight: Comedian Paula Poundstone, who often appears on NPR's popular weekly news and information show Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!, hits the Irvine Improv tonight at 7 p.m. Someone, anyone, take Dillow. He desperately needs new material.


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