Sunday News Notes: New use for Mike Carona's head

Sunday News Notes: New use for Mike Carona's head

​Sunday's local news highlights include:

Wearing out the delete button
Ron Campbell, a Register investigative reporter who specializes in computer-assisted reporting, launched the first part of his four-part Sunday series on immigration and the California economy. Grab your magnifying glasses, because--believe it or not--Campbell has included tiny print footnotes to his stories. Editor Ken Brusic added his own note that encourages online discussion among readers but cautions that "we will keep the conversation civil." Feel sorry for the person assigned to delete all the anti-Mexican comments that are surely on the way.

The tacos made him do it
In today's LA Times, Mike Reicher reports that state Assembly candidate Allan Mansoor began his arduous transformation from right-wing jail deputy to right-wing Costa Mesa politician eight years ago because he believed taco trucks were ruining his "once-peaceful neighborhood." So, there you have it: Something else terrible to blame on the Mexicans. Phu Nguyen, a businessman and Democrat, is campaigning against Mansoor.

My waffles were better the first time
Dena Bunis writes her last Reg column as she departs the paper for a new job covering the health industry at Congressional Quarterly. Given that she's largely pampered Orange County's congressional delegation (but especially the temperamental Dana Rohrabacher), it was no surprise that Bunis wants us to believe that "in many respects" politicians "get a bad rap." Despite what you may think, they "truly got into the business to help people" and have sacrificed themselves financially for the rest of us. Excuse me while I go puke my Sunday brunch. 

Sir, can you tell me why I ran you over?
Noberto Santana, Jr. at the Voice of OC tells the tale of Kevin Halliburton who was run over on his motorcycle by an apparently inattentive sheriff's deputy in December 2009. Would deputies lie and attempt to make Halliburton the villain? Can you use Mike Carona's polished 
​head to check for food lodged between your teeth?


Last Sunday I overlooked a 

Times profile

 of UC Irvine graduate Taryn Rose, the ambitious Vietnamese immigrant who has parlayed her orthopedics career into a highly profitable "fashionable, comfy" shoe design business hauling in millions of dollars in sales annually. 

Arrogant Bastard
Larry Welborn gets his hands on the grand jury transcripts in case related to the death of Angel's pitcher Nick Adenhart and says that Andrew Thomas Gallo, the accused murderer, had been drinking alcohol--Arrogant Bastard, Newcastle, Amber Bock, Sam Adams and 1800 Tequila--for more than seven hours before the fatal Fullerton car crash. Reason for the drinking? To celebrate the arrival of a government welfare check, reports Welborn. Also, Gallo, who lived in San Gabriel and had been drinking in West Covina, had no idea why he was in Fullerton that night. The trial is set to begin tomorrow. 

Obama's charm offensive
The Times reports that President Barack Obama has managed to offend almost everyone while in office. Citing Pew Research Center's polling, the paper tracks how Obama's support has significantly dropped almost equally among single women, moderates, white men, Latinos, suburbanites, older voters and younger votes. His support has even waned among Black voters and self-identified liberals. Nice job!

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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