Bren with Dorothy and Toto
Bren with Dorothy and Toto

Sunday News Notes

Today's news highlights include:

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain
Donald Bren, the Irvine Company billionaire who has bulldozed and paved more of Orange County's natural habitat than any other human in history, got more pro-conservation good ink in the Los Angeles Times and Orange County Register this morning. Bren donated 20,000 acres last month to the public but still dictates that the public can visit unsupervised only one day--five lousy hours actually--a month. The reason? Bren is all about protecting protecting the environment, don't you know? See the Times coverage HERE and the Register coverage HERE

Whatever Anaheim pays Curt Pringle, it's too much
Register OC Watchdog super sleuth Teri Sforza writes that while OC is home to government pay shenanigans we have nothing similar to the City of Bell, where the city manager has been paid almost $800,000 and guaranteed 12 percent annual raises. The column leads today's "local" section but takes a manual and almighty assistance to find on the Reg's online content maze, which must be run by the same six intoxicated MIT lab rats that run the Weekly's operation.

LBJ would be proud
For two years, Los Angeles Times reporter Christopher Goffard has tracked the progress of a controversial social program that gives the homeless a free apartment without requiring them to undergo substance abuse or mental health counseling. The idea is that taxpayers ultimately save money by a reduction in hefty emergency medical costs that the homeless routinely cause. Is this smart? Read the first of Goffard's four part series. By the way, he's also the author of a novel based on the Orange County underbelly.

Lohan isn't a perfect fit for OC?
Lohan isn't a perfect fit for OC?

Inadvertently funny quote of the day
You can always count on Congressman Dana Rohrabacher for amusement. The Republican politician who has flip flopped on the ability of the U.S. military to win in Afghanistan told this to the Register's editorial writers for their lead item: "I am someone who insists on common sense in making commitments." Rohrabacher and common sense? Hehehe. The Costa Mesa congressman happily drooled in support when President George W. Bush sent the military to Afghanistan. Now, with President Barack Obama essentially continuing Bush's policy, he says it's impossible for the Pentagon to win. The trusty Reg editorial boys pretended the congressman--who avoided military service in Vietnam but nowadays is an energetic hawk--is a sage on the issue. Of course, you have to dig--click! click! click! click!--in the Reg website to find the editorial. Incredibly, the lab rats didn't place the lead Sunday editorial on the Sunday editorial home page. 

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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