Yours for just $57 million!
Yours for just $57 million!

Sunday News Notes

Today's news highlights include:

Orange County's Real Wonderland
Jeff Overley reports that Newport Coast, billionaire Donald Bren's masterpiece bubble development, is "nearly finished" after 40 years. Overley calls the area "Pleasantville meets Bel Air," interviews content residents who enjoy gated communities within gated communities and notes that even the gardeners dress well for the likes of Kobe Bryant, Henry Nicholas and Dean Koontz who reside in a place where homes can go for $57 million.

Can You . . . Me Now?
Crappy cell phone reception has always plagued the stretch of PCH between Laguna Beach and Corona del Mar but when corporations place cell towers in the highly-prized (sacred?) area without getting public permission emotional battles ensue, according to Mike Reicher at the Daily Pilot.

Reg Reporter: Immigration Protesters Ungrateful
Grabbing nearly 300 comments is an opinion piece by Dena Bunis, Washington bureau chief for the Register. Bunis says the college students who came to the U.S. as the young kids of undocumented workers foolishly protested their plight this week in the nation's capital. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher called them "criminal aliens," and, though she acknowledges that she understands the "impatience" of these kids, Bunis says "they are in a sense biting the hands that feed them."

Purity Test for OC Republicans
Dan Chmielewski at gets his hands on the OC GOP Endorsement Questionaire and discovers "guns, gays and illegal immigration issues still rank prominently within the OC GOP." The survey includes this request: Please list any financial contributions and/or endorsements you have given to Democrats in the past 10 years" and the poorly worded, "Should schools teach their students that homosexuality is an 'alternative' or 'normal' lifestyle?"

Santa Ana's Fourth of July Feud
The participation of anti-illegal immigrant activists in a July 4 celebration outside Santa Ana's main library prompted a heated debate after Art Pedroza's Orange Juice blog posted video showing an old white man calling young Latinos "fucking wetbacks." Now, Pedroza has obtained a whiny letter allegedly written by right-wing Republican activist Lupe Moreno who called Naui Huitzilopochtli, the person who made the controversial video, "a coward." 

Hidden Gem?
Newport Beach is planning to convert a bayside mobile home park into a public park and community center that includes a sailing center, indoor cafe, marina and space for the Girl Scouts, according to Daily Pilot reporter Sarah Peters.

The Political Right Doesn't Like Jerry Brown!
Numerous times a day throughout the nation prosecutors pick which laws they will enforce. It's a simple fact because of limited resources. But to Hans Bader of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, California Attorney General Jerry Brown is this country's worst AG because of his "picking and choosing which laws to defend." Bader's 29-page report, which also slams Brown's ethics, is used by Reg editorial writer Mark Landsbaum to question whether Brown will become the nation's worst governor too.

And the winner is . . . 
Congrats to my OC Weekly colleagues who captured 22 awards in 27 categories at last week's Orange County Press Club banquet. Among the highlights: Nick Schou nabbed a whopping five awards including "Best News Feature" and the Investigative Watchdog Award for 2010. Kedric Francis and the good folks at Riviera won 12 awards. TheLiberalOC won "Best Political Blog." The Register's Larry Welborn received first place in the "Best Of" category with his "50 cases: OC's Most Notorious Crimes" piece. Our own Gustavo Arellano won "The Real OC Award" and Navel Gazing, what you're looking at now, won "Best News Blog."

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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