Sunday News Notes

Happy 10-10-10 to you.

Weekend news highlights from various media sources include:

Fred Phelps thinks he knows why
You can thank UC Irvine researchers for this good news: The future "Big One" earthquake along the San Andreas fault will be much worse and much sooner than previously expected, according to Rong-Gong Lin II of the LA Times. Scientists now believe the coming quake will be stronger than a whopping 8.0, or twice as devastating as the last big one in 1857.

Government lottery winners
Steven Greenhut isn't happy about a new pension report that found in San Diego just 10 ex-city bureaucrats will collect at least $61 million in retirement pay during the next 25 years. Why not hand them $70 million or $80 million? "More horrors, no fixes," Greenhut says.

Nguyen now hopes Tran wins?
Art Pedroza at Orange Juice blog opines about Supervisor Janet Nguyen's endorsement yesterday of her onetime pal, longtime nemesis Van Tran in his race against Loretta Sanchez. "She dreamed of going to Congress - and now it appears that Tran is going to go instead," writes Pedroza. "And Nguyen had no choice but to back him or risk party retribution in two years, when she will have to defend her Supervisorial seat, in the blue First Supervisorial District." Pedroza mocks the boys over at TheLiberalOC for what he sees as their "traitorous" longtime support for Nguyen, a Republican.

OC blog wars, chapter 437
Let's just say that TheLiberalOC's Dan Chmielewski won't be inviting Art Pedroza to Thanksgiving dinner and so it's no shock that Chmielewski has slammed his blog nemesis with a piece asking, "Is Michelle Martinez buying positive blog coverage?" from Pedroza's Orange Juice blog and basically answering yes. He reports that Martinez's campaign finance disclosure records show a $385 payment to Pedroza for "campaign consulting." The piece contains hostile e-mail exchanges.  

What costs more than Miguel Pulido's vote?
Scott Marshutz profiles an incredible Santa Ana estate for sale in historic Floral Park. The home, accentuated with century-old Redwood and Pine trees, was finished in 1928 and is on the market for $1.65 million. Marshutz notes that the property has been used for numerous high society parties over the years.

USS California is heading for an iceberg
Evan Harper of the LA Times reports from Sacramento that California's political leaders "mostly papered over" this year's massive $19 billion budget gap and punted "many tough decisions forward." Harper offers an accurate assessment of our state government: "dysfunctional" and both Democrats and Republicans aren't disagreeing. He blames a tax system that's too reliant on the wealthy, term limits, the inability to save in prosperous times, a weak governor and a cracked legislative process. Here's the scary part: Sacramento insiders claim they've already made "brutal" budget cuts and can't figure out what else to do.

Reporter can't penetrate Whitman's campaign bureaucracy
Reporter can't penetrate Whitman's campaign bureaucracy

Meg Whitman: control freak
Okay, this news isn't from this weekend, but it's still worth reading. Ex-Weekly journalist Anthony Pignataro, who now reports in Sacramento for CalWatchDog, penned an excellent web piece on the impenetrable bureaucratic infrastructure of Meg Whitman's expensive campaign for governor. Whitman spokesman Darrel Ng says they don't let reporters in the campaign headquarters because there are so many top secrets documents floating around. Really, Darrel?

Where you from?
Andrew Galvin at the Register reports from an Anaheim neighborhood that this weekend celebrated its break from control by the notorious Jeffrey Street criminal street gang. Residents say a gang injunction has dramatically helped free the area from loitering hoodlums looking for trouble.

Let's get rid of the communists
Like me, Deepa Bharath covered yesterday's Tea, err, Republican Party rally in Garden Grove for Republican candidate Van Tran in his quest to upset Loretta Sanchez. Bharath quotes various attendees on their anti-government sentiments. "It's time to get rid of the socialists and communists," says one. In an earlier Navel Gazing entry, I posted footage of Congressman Dana Rohrabacher singing a sappy patriotic song for the crowd. Nobody puked out their guts, but then again I think everybody was dehydrated from the heat. 

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly 


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