Sunday News Notes

Sunday News Notes

Sunday's local news highlights include:

Unsolved 1977 NY Murder Tied Again to OC-LA Serial Killer
Veteran courthouse reporter Larry Welborn got nearly a full page today to tell the tragic story of popular 23-year-old Ellen Jane Hover of Manhattan. Hover was murdered 33 years ago this month after meeting with a tall, long-haired photographer who was basically using the alias of tall, long-haired California serial killer/photographer Rodney Alcala. Alcala now resides on Death Row at San Quentin State Prison for the torture slayings of five females including 12-year-old Robin Samsoe. Is he guilty in this killing too?

Renovating Laguna Beach
The oceanfront Vacation Village in Laguna Beach had been a rusting eyesore with glorious views. But Beverly Beyette wrote in an LA Times story last Sunday that new management of the three-acre complex completed a "cheap and cheerful" renovation with mixed results at the newly named Pacific Edge Hotel. She found: peeling paint on an old wall heater, worn knobs in the shower and "ghastly brown . . . soiled carpeting." But she says she also found "nirvana" by opening the sliding glass door to the balcony where "a brilliant half moon" hovered over  the Pacific. It's all yours too for $370.90 plus tax.

Two-Wheeled Bandits?
Lou Ponsi and Teri Sforza at the OC Watchdog recently told the tale of Michael Montandon who claims he pulled into the parking lot of Brea Brake and Radiator on Imperial Highway. There were, according to the story, "lots of parking spaces" were available but none of them were designated for disabled drivers so Montandon--who is disabled--claims he drove away and contacted a lawyer who sent the business a demand for $6,000 in compensation or face a lawsuit. Extortion? Well, California's lawmakers long ago sanctioned this practice--as I too noted in a 2006 cover story, "The New Crips." The Brea Chamber of Commerce is encouraging business who've been target by this "predatory" practice to contact them.

OC's Coolest Attraction
It's boiling hot outside but Joseph Serna writes in a Daily Pilot story that the 15 degree temperature inside an ice sculpture exhibit at the Orange County Fair "keeps the lines fairly short." 

Olympic Bitching
The Register's Scott Reid interviewed athletes who had hoped to compete in the 1980 Olympics in Moscow. They're still quite angry with President Jimmy Carter, who blocked participation in the games to protest the 1979 Soviet invasion of--my how things don't change--Afghanistan. Some of the athletes complain that Carter's action robbed them of potential lucrative endorsements.

Sizzling Pork for OC!
Loretta Sanchez, Orange County's lone Democrat in Congress and the vice chair of the House Homeland Security Committee, says she is "thrilled" to announce that OC will receive more than $12.7 million in Urban Area Security Initiative grants to combat "potential terrorist threats" here. Bambi and Dumbo have never felt safer. Read Tracy Wood's related story in the Voice of OC.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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