Sunday News Notes

News highlights include:

Meg Whitman's cash is buying her second place
Cathleen Decker of the LA Times reports that new polling shows Jerry Brown gaining a "slight edge" over Meg Whitman and that Barbara Boxer has "opened a wider margin over GOP nominee Carly Fiorina in the race for U.S. Senate."

The beach is not a trash can
Laylan Connelly writes that a whopping 61,872 volunteers--including 5,000 in OC--helped the California Coastal Commission's "Cleanup Day" that collected 620,000 pounds of garage from our beaches.

Vietnamese American political struggles detailed
Linda Trinh Vo, a professor of Asian American Studies at UC Irvine is quoted in a New York Times story on the success of a liberal Vietnamese American politician in San Jose. Vo hails Madison Nguyen's 2005 city council victory a "landmark moment" for an immigrant community that traditionally backed conservative Republicans. The story also mentions Van Tran's attempts to unseat Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez in OC.

Another one bits the dust
Marilyn Kalfus writes that the State Bar of California has placed Brian Colombana on involuntary inactive status because of "extensive misconduct" involving $36,000 the attorney alleged took from 12 homeowners seeking mortgage loan modifications. Despite taking the fees, not a single loan was modified, according to the story.

They messed with Texas
Unranked UCLA arrived in Austin as huge underdogs and left the mighty University of Texas humbled after a 34-12 upset of the nation's allegedly eighth best football team.

Immigrants make life easier for middle class?
The Register continues with its massive, well-researched immigration series with today's feature asking about the winners and losers. "If you are middle class and well educated, immigrants make your life easier and cheaper," writes reporter Ronald Campbell. "If you are less educated whether an immigrant or not, you are hurt by immigrants who do the work for less."

Don't read all about it!
The Sunday edition of the LA Times ignored OC. This might help explain why the paper is offering a "1-Day Sale." You can get the Sunday Times delivered during the next year for only $9.88.

OCFA helicopter pilots at work
OCFA helicopter pilots at work

OCFA helicopter pilots at work
The biggest social club in OC

Salvador Hernandez writes that the Orange County Fire Authority slashed 245 reserves positions to

help reduce its budget

woes. But veteran reserve firefighter Steve Palmer tells the reporter that something stinks at the OCFA. "The biggest social club in Orange County is the union firemen." Palmer apparently doesn't know about the sheriff deputies' club.

Profit-making city enterprises
Fullerton businessman Aaron Gregg opines that his city's operating a deceitful vehicle towing scam that costs those nabbed $450 per tow. "Where is the sense in that number?" Gregg asks. How else to pay for those pretty police uniforms?

The suspicious case of Cecilia Iglesias
Frank Barbaro is an "arrogant buffoon," according to activist Duane Roberts. Why? Barbaro, head of the local Democratic Party, has alleged that independent congressional candidate Ceci Iglesias is a Republican plant to split the Hispanic vote with Democratic Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez in a scheme to elect Republican Van Tran. Roberts fumes over the assertion. Okay, but I still find it odd that Iglesias quit her job in this economic environment and poured tens of thousands of dollars into a race she has zero chance of winning. Perhaps the IRS should keep an eye on Ceci's bank account to see what sources of income she has in the future. I'm just saying . . .

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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