OC Dems party at the zoo
OC Dems party at the zoo

Sunday News Notes

oday's local highlights include:

Jerry Brown enjoys OC lovefest at zoo
During a Labor Day weekend party sponsored by local unions and inside the Santa Ana Zoo, attendees treated Jerry Brown, the state's current AG who wants to be governor again, like a rock star. Seema Mehta of the LA Times reports that the "fondness for the former two-term governor was palpable" at the picnic. Mehta also says Brown was "crushed by supporters seeking pictures and autographs." Jeff Overley of the OC Register notes that Brown "was swarmed by janitors, construction workers and other well-wishers." Chris Prevatt at TheLiberalOC.com also apparently attended and described the crowd as more than 1,000 strong. The OrangeJuiceBlog posted a Youtube video clip and dozens of pictures. Pouncing on the affair, Sarah Pompei, a spokeswoman for Republican candidate Meg Whitman, told Overley, the event helps prove "the public employee unions have bought and paid for Jerry Brown's campaign." 

Biggest laugh of the day
The folks over at the Friends for Fullerton's Future blog are routinely clever at mocking their city's lame politicians. The latest slam is against "jurassic" city councilman Don Blankhead, who has been in office since 1988. Only these FFFF folks could think of tying the councilman to singer Rick Astley and his hit song, "Never Gonna Give You Up."

Is it going to be robust or not?
UC Irvine professor and real estate expert Kerry Vandell tells Jeff Collins at the Reg that, according to the column's headline, a "robust recovery is a year away." But wait, in the published interview, Vandell says the opposite: "I don't think it's going to be a robust, rapid recovery." Perhaps he's covering his bets.

Unexpected survival tip if you have no food or water
There's an excellent profile of Costa Mesa-area state Assembly candidate Phu Nguyen in the Daily Pilot. The article, written by Mike Reicher, begins with a touching but also disturbing tale about how a three-year-old Nguyen survived on a boat fleeing communist Vietnam in 1981. Nguyen is facing favored Allan Mansoor, the longtime Republican councilman who has worked as a sheriff's deputy in the jails. Read the story HERE

​reading a book and enjoying the beach. The accident (it was an accident, right?) broke Janice Cola's pelvis. "It happened," Hunt told Daily Pilot reporter Joseph Serna. "The city really regrets that it happened." Cola is seeking $850,000 in damages.

Where are all the white women at?
According to Cathleen Decker's report in the LA Times (and relying on Public Policy Institute's data), California's likely voters are overwhelming Democrats, who hold a 44.5% registration gap over Republican's (just 31% of the electorate). Decker breaks down the ethnicities this way: Republicans are 82% white, 9% Latino, 5% Asian and 1 percent African American. Dems are 54% white, 26% Latino, 11% African American and 6% Asian. Women as a group solidly favor Democratic Party candidates. And where does the youth vote fall? Who cares? They don't participate. Writes Decker, "the biggest chunks" of both major political parties are persons 55 and older and, at least in this climate, they're more conservative.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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