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They've fallen and we can't get up
Get paid about three times the normal rate for a city government job. Move into a taxpayer subsidized apartment. The catch? Well, you've got to vote to keep the city's incumbent politicians in power, reports the Los Angeles Times on the latest scandal in corruption-ridden Vernon (population: 90).

Union boss: Stop kicking us!
Nick Berardino, general manager of the Orange County Employees Association (OCEA), writes another rebuttal piece to an anti-union Register editorial. Upshot: OCEA doesn't get credit for its role for helping to reduce the county's unfunded employee medical benefits by $815 million. Berardino accuses the paper of "finger pointing and hyperbole."

Disney characters chance good reputations today
Santa Ana celebrates Mexico's independence from Spain today with a festival and parade that will include Mayor For Life Miguel Pulido and Mexican Consul Alejandra Garcia Williams as grand marshals along with, and I'm not kidding, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Now, who are really the cartoon characters in that group?

Who you calling Ho?
Chinese businessmen, like their American counterparts, love cheap labor. In southern China the Vietnamese are pouring over the border to happily play the role of undocumented workers. The Times reports that the natives average $9 a day in wages while the Vietnamese will do the same task for $5 a day.

Everyone is exhilarated at Trestles
Reporter Laylan Connelly watched the Hurley Pro surfing event in OC and found winner Kelly Slater ("I'm just stoked.") and Bede Durbidge ("I was stoked.")

Not without my daughter
Kurt Streeter profiles Mike Bradbury who grew up in Newport Beach as the son of a Disney cartoonist and tragically watched his little daughter, Laura, go missing during a family outing in Joshua Tree in 1984. She's never been found and Bradbury hasn't been pleased with law enforcement's work.

Hello Montana: You might be a redneck if . . .
Hello Montana: You might be a redneck if . . .

Hello Montana: You might be a redneck if . . .
Restoring freedom is sometimes counterintuitive?

The Associated Press by way of the


is reporting today that the Republican Party in Montana is calling on that state to arrest gay and lesbian citizens based solely on their sexual orientation. This really isn't surprising given that most Montana Republicans probably still believe a black man is three-fifths of a person.

Nice tooth, dude
The Anaheim Ducks wanted a fighter for the ice and have brought in Andy Sutton, a 35-year-old, 6-foot-6 and 245-pound "towering figure," according to columnist Randy Youngman. "I always tell people I'm paid to get in the way," Sutton said. For that role, he's got a $4.25 million, two-year deal.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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