Relax, sir. It's only .000034 percent of your wealth.
Relax, sir. It's only .000034 percent of your wealth.

Sunday News Notes

News highlights include: Is OC's Biggest Billionaire Stingy?
Two of Donald L. Bren's children are expected to take their father to court this week in Los Angeles in hopes of winning $800,000 in retroactive monthly child support payments because, they say, the 16th richest American has been stingy. The billionaire's offspring who are now 22 and 18 received about $9 million over the years but, their mother--Bren's onetime lover--says they were entitled to live the life they were born into: a fleet of private jets, full-time pilots, a 240-foot yacht, a large staff of servants and lavish homes in Bel-Air, Orange County and Idaho, according to a LA Times story

Legal Heavyweight: Same Sex Marriage Could Pass U.S. Supreme Court 
UC Irvine School of Law Dean Erwin Chemerinsky writes in a Sunday editorial that a conservative legal doctrine limiting the ability of common folks to bring lawsuits may now backfire on opponents of gay marriage. 

Move to Nevada?
The Register's real estate section crew notes that the cost of living in Nevada is 32 percent cheaper than OC. In housing costs alone, it's 60 percent cheaper. But they also report that per capita incomes are significantly higher here.

Self-Professed OC Conservative Fascinated by European Transportation Models
The always entertaining Friends for Fullerton's Future blog have nailed Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle again. The so-called "slippery elm repuglican" has been "getting some free trips to Europe courtesy of the [socialist] French and German" governments to study high speed rail projects. Thanks to the state's crappiest governor/actor, Pringle--a lobbyist by trade--is chairman of the California High-Speed Rail Authority, which is hoping to spend tens of billions of public dollars.

Is Santa Ana Councilwoman Claudia Alvarez Too Sensitive?
At an August meeting of the city council, Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez prematurely shut down the microphone of a citizen who was preparing to critic Mayor Miguel Pulido, reports. In response, that blog's Chris Prevatt filed a complaint against Alvarez with Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas. Prevatt believes Alvarez's actions may have violated state laws. The DA quickly forwarded the matter to the California Attorney General's office. Alvarez is a prosecutor in Rackauckas' office. 

Newport Beach Re-Hires Homicide Detective for Cold Case
Joseph Serna at the Daily Pilot writes that retired Det. Thomas Voth will get paid about $49 an hour in the upcoming trial to help Orange County prosecutor Matt Murphy convict Nanette Packard and ex-NFL linebacker Eric Naposki for the December 1994, murder of Bill McLaughlin, a Newport Beach multimillionaire.

Gays Gather in Irvine
500 folks showed up for the always struggling OC gay pride festival in Irvine. "I came here to strengthen the gay community in Orange County," Brandon Russell told the Reg's Michael Mello. "It definitely needs it."

Register columnist David Whiting updates his paper's history of detailing the sneaky efforts of local residents to extend their property onto public land or over public waterways. ​A Huntington Harbor resident extended his deck four feet over state water and is being charged $680 a year in government rent. 

Rock Paper Salt
A Cal State Long Beach product who has a master of fine art degree from UC Irvine, Christine Nguyen also has an impressive show at the Huntington Beach Art Center through September 4. "Nguyen's work is intricate and meditative," reports Richard Chang. "It deals with the cosmic, both extraterrestrial and interior. In a word, it's deep."

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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