Sunday News Notes

Highlights include:

The Latest Grocery Store Scam
KCBS Channel 2 in LA is promoting its Monday investigative look into an area grocery store that pretends to honor product coupons but actually credits the shopper $0.00. No word on the identity of the alleged offender. The report is scheduled to air Monday during the 11 p.m. broadcast.

Is Lou Correa Deaf?
Columnist Steven Greenhut mocks Santa Ana state Senator Lou Correa (the Democrat local Republicans love) and state Assemblyman Jose Solario (the Democrat unions love) for proposed stupid or unnecessary laws. Correa wants a law to make cops train for how to handle PTSD-stricken military veterans. Solario wants to expand the ability of government bureaucrats to remain on taxpayer-funded disability leave. "I remain less optimistic than ever about the future of our state," Greenhut sadly concludes.

Pedroza v Santana
Art Pedroza at slams Norberto Santana Jr. at the Voice of OC for writing a "hatchet job" on state Assemblyman Chris Norby's latest domestic woes. Fullerton police referred to prosecutors a report of an incident allegedly involving violence between Norby and his latest wife. I'm not sure what in the Voice story was unreasonable but Pedroza says, "It is a known fact that Santana's boss, [OC government employee's union official Nick] Berardino, hates Norby, so no one should be surprised by any of this." He predicts Tony Rackauckas' DA office won't proceed to trial over the incident.

Celebrating Dick
Peter Larsen at the Register expertly strums his way through a profile of Dick Dale, the legendary guitarist who notes he's so old that he remembers Beach Boulevard when it was "a dirt trail." Dale has a new $9.99 CD compilation of 16 hits and the 73-year-old was recently given the Arts Orange County Culture Legacy Award.

Tran v Sanchez
It's a good overview but no earth-shaking news here: Republicans think they have their best shot yet of toppling Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, according to Los Angeles Times reporter Jean Merl. Tran tells Merl that Sanchez isn't accountable while the congresswoman calls herself the job creator who has brought OC lots of federal dough since she defeated Robert K. Dornan in a historic 1996 election. Over at TheLiberalOC blog, Chris Prevatt slams Tran for not voting on a anti-human trafficking law.

Not on the menu
Not on the menu

Not on the menu
Original Rodents

Newport Beach real estate developer Mike Harrah wants to build OC's tallest building in Santa Ana, but apparently is having issues at his Original Mike's restaurant. The county's health care agency suspended the operation late last month for a day because of "rodent activity in a critical area."

The Best Prescription?
Landon Hall covered Satuday's Irvine United Congregational Church appearance of California doctors who insist the only real solution to the medical/insurance crisis is a single-payer system. The tour is called the "Mad as Hell Doctors." Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed the legislature's passage of a plan the doctors like and they want to inform the public of its worthiness. "Our goal is to give you the intellectual tools and the courage and the commitment and the insight to talk to your friends and your neighbors, and your Fox News-watching uncle, sitting around the Thanksgiving dinner table," Dr. Paul Hochfeld told the crowd of most senior citizens.

Elderly on elderly violence
Orange County sheriff's deputies this weekend arrested William McDougall, 81, for bludgeoning to death his 94-year-old Laguna Hills nursing home roommate, Manh Ban Nguyen. No report yet on the motive.

Wasting Tax Dollars, Again
A Times investigation reports that California cities have spent tens of millions of dollars under the guise of affordable housing projects while building practically none of the units. In Santa Ana, city officials have bought a 94-acre area for an unnamed real estate developer but the property remains vacant, according to reporters Jessica Garrison, Kim Christensen and Doug Smith. Perhaps worse, the city of Irwindale spent $87 million to produce just 42 affordable housing homes.

Lying Larry
Irvine's dictorial political boss Larry Agran continues his lie that anyone critical of his free-spending Great Park operation is anti-park. The latest person who has to hear this crap is Sarah Peters, a Daily Pilot reporter who writes that Agran and the other park director are now promising to open "a small segment" of the property "by spring 2011." If you've been out of the loop, go here for Agran's shenanigans.

Photographer Jeb Harris supplements a Gary A. Warner travel story with an incredible picture from California's Sierra. I'd link to it but the Reg didn't cooperate. The picture can't be found in the paper's online edition, which continues to serve as a complicated maze with a dysfunctional search engine.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly


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