[Summer Guide] The Pantsless Summer

Last year, sensing impending economic trouble (uncanny, huh?), we spent our Summer Guide extolling the virtues of the “Simple Pleasures” to be found in our slice of the Southland. Now, that whole idea seems about as quaint as the staycation, which has, of course, given way to the naycation, the flagellation, the I don’t-think-I-can-take-anymore-of-this-without-some-medication—or at least lubrication.

So, what now? Let’s answer that question with a question: Have all the bailouts, bullshit ballot measures and Brobdingnagian budget cuts managed to stop the world from revolving around the sun? Of course not! That means IT’S STILL SUMMER, GODDAMN IT!

While we do offer a few winks, nods and pokes in the eye to our shared economic misery (theme park!), the pages that follow are still a celebration—of DIY spirit, of a sense of beauty and history, of surfing (of course), and of the grilled meats, solo photography exhibits, cannibal-themed plays, Harry Potter movies, and tunes both new and old that will be a balm for our economic-crisis-ravaged souls this summer.

So throw both caution (and your pants) to the wind and dive in:

There They Grow Again
Meet the Wave Master
The FUNancial Crisis
Deco Fabulous
Help Wanted

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