Students to Protest Tomorrow at UC Irvine Over Proposed Health Care Fee Increases Across UC System

Back in my grad-school days at UCLA, I made frequent use of my health care there--not because I suffered from anything more than the occasional stomach ulcer, but because I was a hypochondriac. Besides, it was cheap and accessible, and it was the first time in my life I had health care.

That was in 2003, back in the halcyon days of the UC system. Today, of course, California higher ed is a clusterfuck of capitalistic proportions, and its perpetually clueless administrators are now planning to raise student health fees because they can.

Thankfully, some students at UC Irvine are ready to rumble for this. 

Tomorrow, representatives from the University of California Office of the President will come to UC Irvine to discuss the future of health care across the UCs. Also, there will be undergrads; grad students with UAW 2865, which just happens to be the UC grad students' union; and representatives from AFSCME, which happens to be the union for UC workers. The protest will happen in front of Aldrich Hall TOMORROW at 10 a.m., and let's hope UCI's notoriously apathetic student body (unless they're Muslim, Jews, or anti-Muslims or anti-Semites, of course) actually gives a damn about the issues at hand and shows up, even if only before a quick run to get blueberry donuts from somewhere. See you there!

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