Strippers and Penguins

Book Notes: Extended Family Edition

As leading anthropologists and

Garrison Keillor

will readily confirm, most Minnesotans don't like to draw attention to themselves– but the good folks at

Minneapolis City Pages

, our sister publication in the frozen tundra, are not most Minnesotans. And one of the most not-most-Minnesotans of the City Pagers, Diablo Cody, has a new book out:

Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper

. It chronicles her intriguing career trajectory from cubicle drone to stripper to peep show attraction to phone sex-er to... I'm not sure. Rancher? She has a blog at

City Pages


Pussy Ranch

, which, despite its name, seems to have precious little to do with ranching. It does, however, have an account of Diablo's recent appearance on Letterman to promote her book ("a full-blown attention-whoregasm"). If you missed it, it's been


for your viewing convenience.

Like Diablo Cody, he writes under a pseudonym, but unlike her, he doesn't do public appearances in pink fishnet stockings, so no Letterman for him– which is a shame, because Tom Tomorrow is one of our greatest political satirists. His brilliant cartoon, This Modern World, appears in the Weekly, and yesterday his latest book-length collection, Hell in a Handbasket, went on sale.

Think of it as the Protest March of the Penguin. Or not, if you don't like


puns. Either way,

you should buy it

. The great man himself, Mr. Tomorrow, will be signing copies at

Book Soup

in L.A. (8818 Sunset Blvd.) next Tuesday, March 28, at 7 pm. No pink fishnets, but a splendid time is guaranteed for all.

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