"Steven Seagal Lawman" Quote of the Week

"Steven Seagal Lawman" Quote of the Week

After a deputy in another Parish County, La., sheriff's cruiser gives the exact location of a possible home burglary:

"Lose this siren as soon as we get close so he don't hear us coming. [To cameraman riding in the back seat of his unmarked SUV:] We've got a burglary-in-progress and we're right there so we want to try to jump the guy. [Back to the SUV driver:] Talk to Air One. See if he can watch the house for us and guide us to the bastard if he's running, you hear me? Clear right, clear right. We need directional flight info from him up top, Larry. Watch this guy. You're good. Right here, right here, right."

--Steven Seagal, lawman, who would discover a door of the home was jimmied, a small window was broken open, a police canine was sent inside, but no burglar was found. Steven Seagal Lawman airs 10 p.m. Wednesdays on A&E.

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