Esteban Chavez
Esteban Chavez

Steve Chavez Lodge, Anaheim Council Candidate, Gets Sued Over Reclaiming Latino Surname That He's Never Used Before

People should've been suspicious of Anaheim City Council candidate Steve Lodge long before he decided to rebrand himself as Steve Chavez Lodge in a callous bid for disenfranchised Mexi voters. He's endorsed by former Anaheim mayor Curt Pringle and arch-pedophile-protector apologist Matt Cunningham (who infamously published the name of sex-abuse victims), and quotes Ronald Reagan on his Facebook page as if membership in the OC GOP depended on it (which it does!). He's a family values type of guy whose current wife is about 15 years younger than he is. He's a carpetbagger whom property records show has barely lived any time in the very city he says he wants to represent.

And now? Pendejo is named in a civil lawsuit filed in Orange County Superior Court saying he's an opportunistic liar--which he totally is.

Filed by badass Anaheim activist Cynthia Ward against OC Registrar of Voters head Neal Kelley, the lawsuit claims "the use of the name 'Chavez' appears to have been adopted recently for political purposes" because Lodge's legal name doesn't include Chavez--he owns no property under that name, and isn't even registered to vote as such.

Lodge's response? "I've always used Chavez," he told Voice of OC reporter Adam Elmahrek, even though that's his legal name

LIES. A Nexis search of articles written about him show not one of the more-than-a-few articles about Lodge EVER mentions "Chavez." His work email uses "" as its handle (okay, so the pendejo part is fake, but I do want to spare Lodge a bunch of trolls...for now). He's registered to vote as Steve Lodge--where was the Chavez then, Steve?

Where does the "Chavez" come from? For that, we turn the story over to his brother, sports broadcaster Roger Lodge, who was born Rogelio Chavez. Roll the tape!

Lodge, 52, was born in Fontana and grew up in the Cerritos-Lakewood area. His given name was Rogelio Chavez, and when he was 3 his father left the family. Roger's mother remarried a man named Robert Lodge, and he became dad to Roger and his two older brothers and older sister.

Cool--so Steve is so desperate for Latino votes that he's using the name of a father who left the family? REAL classy there--am sure your mom is thrilled with that choice, Esteban!

Let's hope Ward wins her lawsuit, and Lodge goes back to the carpetbagger bin from whence he came...

P.S.: Before Know Nothings point it out--yes, yes, Loretta Brixey pulled the same shit as a failed 1994 Anaheim council candidate when she brought out the Sanchez for her successful 1996 congressional campaign. Wrong then, wrong now; now, return to your circle jerk from whence ustedes came...

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